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Melbourne Australia Barrister Mediator


I have practised in the area of family law, conducting litigation since 1993.

I have represented clients at interim hearings, trials before Judges, appeals, Case Assessment and Conciliation conferences conducted by the Court, mediations and settlement conferences conducted outside the Court.

I offer representation in all matters relating to family law including:

  • property division for married and de facto couples;
  • representing third parties in financial proceedings;
  • representation in family law matters involving bankruptcy issues;
  • spousal maintenance;
  • care arrangements for children;
  • contact arrangements between children and parents, grandparents and other important people;
  • determinations of who is the child’s parent;
  • surrogacy;
  • adoption and leave for adoption;
  • child support; and
  • contested divorce hearings.

One of my priorities is to ensure that clients understand the process of the Court system and the risks involved in litigation and be put in a position to make informed decisions about the best way forward.

My preference is to be involved in matters from an early date and to conference with clients to find out what matters to them. In this way, I hope to assist people to resolve matters sensibly and in a timely manner and if that is not possible, to be sure that the matter is well prepared for litigation.